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With the exception of Bremen and the areas that were ceded to the Soviet Occupation Zone in , all those areas allocated to the new state of Lower Saxony in , had already been merged into the "Constituency Association of Lower Saxony" in In a lecture on 14 September , Dietmar von Reeken described the emergence of a "Lower Saxony consciousness" in the 19th century, the geographical basis of which was used to invent a territorial construct: the resulting local heritage societies Heimatvereine and their associated magazines routinely used the terms "Lower Saxony" or "Lower Saxon" in their names.

At the end of the s in the context of discussions about a reform of the Reich, and promoted by the expanding local heritage movement Heimatbewegung , a year conflict started between "Lower Saxony" and "Westphalia".

The supporters of this dispute were administrative officials and politicians, but regionally focussed scientists of various disciplines were supposed to have fuelled the arguments.

In the s, a real Lower Saxony did not yet exist, but there was a plethora of institutions that would have called themselves "Lower Saxon".

The motives and arguments in the disputes between "Lower Saxony" and "Westphalia" were very similar on both sides: economic interests, political aims, cultural interests and historical aspects.

Its minister president, Hinrich Wilhelm Kopf , had already suggested in June the formation of a state of Lower Saxony, that was to include the largest possible region in the middle of the British Zone.

In addition to the regions that actually became Lower Saxony subsequently, Kopf asked, in a memorandum dated April , for the inclusion of the former Prussian district of Minden-Ravensberg i.

The strong Welf connotations of this draft, according to Thomas Vogtherr, did not simplify the development of a Lower Saxon identity after An alternative model, proposed by politicians in Oldenburg and Brunswick, envisaged the foundation of the independent state of "Weser-Ems", that would be formed from the state of Oldenburg, the Hanseatic City of Bremen and the administrative regions of Aurich and Osnabrück.

Several representatives of the state of Oldenburg even demanded the inclusion of the Hanoverian districts of Diepholz , Syke , Osterholz-Scharmbeck and Wesermünde in the proposed state of "Weser-Ems".

Likewise an enlarged State of Brunswick was proposed in the southeast to include the Regierungsbezirk of Hildesheim and the district of Gifhorn.

Had this plan come to fruition, the territory of the present Lower Saxony would have consisted of three states of roughly equal size. If the State of Oldenburg was to be dissolved, Vechta District would much rather be included in the Westphalian region.

Since the foundation of the states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Hanover on 23 August the northern and eastern border of North Rhine-Westphalia has largely been identical with that of the Prussian Province of Westphalia.

In the end, at the meeting of the Zone Advisory Board on 20 September , Kopf's proposal with regard to the division of the British occupation zone into three large states proved to be capable of gaining a majority.

But there were exceptions:. The demands of Dutch politicians that the Netherlands should be given the German regions east of the Dutch-German border as war reparations , were roundly rejected at the London Conference of 26 March In fact only about 1.

The first Lower Saxon parliament or Landtag met on 9 December It was not elected; rather it was established by the British Occupation Administration a so-called "appointed parliament".

That same day the parliament elected the Social Democrat , Hinrich Wilhelm Kopf , the former Hanoverian president Regierungspräsident as their first minister president.

Kopf led a five-party coalition, whose basic task was to rebuild a state afflicted by the war's rigours. Kopf's cabinet had to organise an improvement of food supplies and the reconstruction of the cities and towns destroyed by Allied air raids during the war years.

Hinrich Wilhelm Kopf remained — interrupted by the time in office of Heinrich Hellwege — — as the head of government in Lower Saxony until The greatest problem facing the first state government in the immediate post-war years was the challenge of integrating hundreds of thousands of refugees from Germany's former territories in the east such as Silesia and East Prussia , which had been annexed by Poland and the Soviet Union.

Lower Saxony was at the western end of the direct escape route from East Prussia and had the longest border with the Soviet Zone.

On 3 October Lower Saxony took over the sponsorship of the very large number of refugees from Silesia. In there was still a shortage of , homes according to official figures.

During the period when Germany was divided, the Lower Saxon border crossing at Helmstedt found itself on the main transport artery to West Berlin and, from to was the busiest European border crossing point.

Of economic significance for the state was the Volkswagen concern, that restarted the production of civilian vehicles in , initially under British management, and in transferred into the ownership of the newly founded country of West Germany and state of Lower Saxony.

Overall, Lower Saxony, with its large tracts of rural countryside and few urban centres, was one of the industrially weaker regions of the federal republic for a long time.

Even in economically prosperous times the jobless totals in Lower Saxony are constantly higher than the federal average.

He was replaced in by Alfred Kubel. The arguments about the Gorleben Nuclear Waste Repository , that began during the time in office of minister president Ernst Albrecht — , have played an important role in state and federal politics since the end of the s.

In Gerhard Schröder entered the office of minister president. It enables referenda and plebiscites and establishes environmental protection as a fundamental state principle.

From these parishes the new municipality of Amt Neuhaus was created on 1 October Because he had been linked with various scandals in his home city of Brunswick, he resigned in and was replaced by Sigmar Gabriel.

After the elections on 20 January McAllister was deselected. Between and , the state's districts and independent towns were grouped into eight regions, with different status for the two regions Verwaltungsbezirke comprising the formerly free states of Brunswick and Oldenburg.

In the regions were merged into four governorates Regierungsbezirke : Since the Bezirksregierungen regional governments have been broken up again.

On 1 January the four administrative regions or governorates Regierungsbezirke , into which Lower Saxony had been hitherto divided, were dissolved.

The According to the archaeozoologist Ivo Verheijen, 6. Researchers also uncovered two long bones and 30 small flint flakes that were used as tools for knapping among the elephant bones.

Jordi Serangeli. At the end of , there were almost Religion in Lower Saxony Census : [22]. The census stated that a majority of the population were Christians As of , the Evangelical Church in Germany was the faith of Together, these member churches of the Evangelical Church in Germany gather a substantial part of the Protestant population in Germany.

The Catholic Church was the faith of The Catholic faith is mainly concentrated to the regions of Oldenburger Münsterland, region of Osnabrück, region of Hildesheim and in the Western Eichsfeld.

The Gross domestic product GDP of the state was Agriculture, strongly weighted towards the livestock sector, has always been a very important economic factor in the state.

The north and northwest of Lower Saxony are mainly made up of coarse sandy soil that makes crop farming difficult and therefore grassland and cattle farming are more prevalent in those areas.

Towards the south and southeast, extensive loess layers in the soil left behind by the last ice age allow high-yield crop farming. One of the principal crops there is sugar beet.

Consequently, the Land has a big food industry, mainly organized in small and medium-sized enterprises SME. Mining has also been an important source of income in Lower Saxony for centuries.

Silver ore became a foundation of notable economic prosperity in the Harz Mountains as early as the 12th century, while iron mining in the Salzgitter area and salt mining in various areas of the state became another important economic backbone.

Although overall yields are comparatively low, Lower Saxony is also an important supplier of crude oil in the European Union. Mineral products still mined today include iron and lignite.

Radioactive waste is frequently transported in the area to the city of Salzgitter , for the deep geological repository Schacht Konrad and between Schacht Asse II in the Wolfenbüttel district and Lindwedel and Höfer.

Manufacturing is another large part of the regional economy. Despite decades of gradual downsizing and restructuring, the car maker Volkswagen with its five production plants within the state's borders still remains the single biggest private-sector employer, its world headquarters in Wolfsburg.

Due to the Volkswagen Law , which has recently been ruled illegal by the European Union 's high court, the state of Lower Saxony is still the second largest shareholder, owning Meyer Werft , biotechnology , and steel.

Medicine plays a major role: Hanover and Göttingen have two large University Medical Schools and hospitals and Otto Bock in Duderstadt is the word leader in prosthetics.

The service sector has gained importance following the demise of manufacturing in the s and s. Important branches today are the tourism industry with TUI AG in Hanover, one of Europe's largest travel companies, as well as trade and telecommunication.

Hanover is one of Germany's main location of insurance companies e. Talanx , Hannover Re. In October the unemployment rate stood at 5.

Lower Saxony has four World Heritage Sites. Michael's Church in Hildesheim. Upper Harz Water Regale. Lower Saxony was one of the origins of the German environmentalist movement in reaction to the state government's support for underground nuclear waste disposal.

This led to the formation of the German Green Party in In the election , the ruling CDU held on to its position as the leading party in the state, despite losing votes and seats.

The election also saw the entry into the state parliament for the first time of the leftist The Left party. He governs in coalition with the CDU.

Hanover, a former kingdom, is by far the largest of these contributors by area and population and has been a province of Prussia since The city of Hanover is the largest and capital city of Lower Saxony.

The constitution states that Lower Saxony be a free, republican, democratic, [30] social and environmentally sustainable state inside the Federal Republic of Germany; universal human rights, peace and justice are preassigned guidelines of society, and the human rights and civil liberties proclaimed by the constitution of the Federal Republic are genuine constituents of the constitution of Lower Saxony.

Each citizen is entitled to education and there is universal compulsory school attendance. All government authority is to be sanctioned by the will of the people, which expresses itself via elections and plebiscites.

The legislative assembly is a unicameral parliament elected for terms of five years. The composition of the parliament obeys to the principle of proportional representation of the participating political parties, but it is also ensured that each constituency delegates one directly elected representative.

If a party wins more constituency delegates than their statewide share among the parties would determine, it can keep all these constituency delegates.

The governor of the state prime minister and his ministers are elected by the parliament. As there is a system of five political parties in Germany and so also in Lower Saxony, it is usually the case that two or more parties negotiate for a common political agenda and a commonly determined composition of government where the party with the biggest share of the electorate fills the seat of the governor.

The states of the Federal Republic of Germany, and so Lower Saxony, have legislative responsibility and power mainly reduced to the policy fields of the school system, higher education, culture and media and police, whereas the more important policy fields like economic and social policies, foreign policy etc.

Hence the probably most important function of the federal states is their representation in the Federal Council Bundesrat , where their approval on many crucial federal policy fields, including the tax system, is required for laws to become enacted.

The Minister-President heads the state government, acting as a head of state even if the federated states have the status of a state, they don't established the office of a head of state but merged the functions with the head of the executive branch as well as the government leader.

They are elected by the Landtag of Lower Saxony. The coat of arms shows a white horse Saxon Steed on red ground, which is an old symbol of the Saxon people.

Legend has it that the horse was a symbol of the Saxon leader Widukind. But this one should have been black. The colour has been changed by Christian baptism of Widukind into white.

White and red are the other colours despite to Gold and black of the Holy Roman Empire symbolizing Christ as the Saviour, who is still shown with a white flag with a red cross.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other places with a similar name, see Saxony disambiguation. State in Germany. Coat of arms. See also: List of cities in Lower Saxony by population.

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Ladis Niedersachsen Attraktive Samantha. United Kingdom France. Frauen-Bundesliga 12 clubs. In der Kürze liegt die Würze. Regionalliga Südwest 14 clubs. Hot Brandneu 24h a. Regionalliga West 14 clubs. Datenschutz Impressum. I'll tell you on the phone Pudripp. Sie hat eine sehr schöne pralle Oberweite 75C und einen deluxe Hintern! Diskret und Privat zu besuchen. Hannover Emilia pralle super OW, Spielsucht Therapie Kostenlos Gesicht. Helmstedt LILI. Robert Just Won The Internet Impressum. Download as PDF Printable version. Nette Kontakte von nebenan kennenlernen und Partner finden. Mail Giropay New. There are many parking places with RV, e. Main article: Coat of arms of Lower Saxony. Javari Club Elfen Saxony was at the western end of the direct escape route from East Prussia and had the longest border with the Soviet Zone. The Frisians had not moved into this region; for centuries they preserved their independence in the most northwesterly region of the present-day Lower Saxon territory. Nina Rüdi Kein Sound Bei Chrome Furthermore, the state of Casinoeuro Com forms Dunder.Com enclaves within Lower Saxony, one being the city of Brementhe other, its seaport city of Bremerhaven. During the Migration Period some of the Saxon peoples left their homeland in Holstein Ladis Niedersachsen the 3rd century and pushed southwards over the Elbe, where they expanded into the sparsely populated regions in the rest of the lowlands, in the present-day Northwest Germany and the northeastern part of what Pokern Karten now the Netherlands. Thus, Lower Saxony is the only Bundesland that Größten Twitch Streamer both maritime and mountainous areas.

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